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Malaysia is one of the countries that has the strictest firearms laws. Here, we are able to provide you a brief insight into the firearms laws in Malaysia.

  • Can I legally own a gun in Malaysia?
    The answer is YES. You can legally own a gun in Malaysia after obtaining a valid firearms license issued by the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP).
  • How can I apply for a firearms license?
    You may download POL128 from RMP's website or visit any of the nearest IPD for the form. Upon completing POL128, submit the form to the nearest IPD with the necessary documentations. You may refer to the checklists below. Checklist for Pistol/Revolver Checklist for Shotgun/Rifle
  • What are the requirements to apply for a firearms license?
    Malaysian citizen aged 18 and above Mentally and physically healthy Not physically handicapped that affects the ability to control and use the firearm Without any criminal record
  • How is the licensing process being carried out?
    The application will first be submitted by the applicant to the IPD before forwarding to IPK for further recommendation. Recommended application will then be forwarded to IPP Bukit Aman for final decision.
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