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Pardus FIX is a kinetic system shotgun which carries our line to a wider range. As in our gas operated series Pardus FIX is offered with Turkish walnut and synthetic stock sets. FIX is currently in 12 gauge only. The finish can be also with different camo patterns on synthetic version. Pardus FIX comes with alternative magazine capacities and barrel lengths.The inertia system provides a smooth action and locking and less felt recoil. Interchangeable multi choke set and fixed choke options are offered complementary. Besides top rib, adjustable sight set is also available for slug shooting. FIX V2 is a half receiver (upper and lower part receivers) design carrying the same options as FIX.


GAUGE:12/76 (3")
BARREL:From 47cm upto 76cm(From 18,5" upto 30")
SYSTEM:Inertia, Back Spring
MAG. CAP:From 2+1 upto 10+1
CHOKE:Interchangable or Fixed
RECEIVER:Aluminum Alloy
RIB/SIGHT:8mm OR sight set
STOCK:Standard OR Long Pistol Grip
FINISH:Walnut, Synthetic, Camo
WEIGHT:2.800 -3.200 gr.(Depends on Barrel Length)
Optional Extras#Marine Finish#Shim Kit#Different Receiver Color Finish#Extended choke set#Oil finish stock set#Camo Finish
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