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PxD is mainly a tactical purpose of range shooting shotgun comes only in 12 gauge. The shotgun can be donated with any kind of stock set on demand. Can be as short as 23cm (9") barrel. The forend has different options as well there can be used different magazine capacities. The barrel can be donated with different tactical options as like different sight sets, choke and flash hider options, heat shield (cooler jacket). The shotgun can be in black, camo coated, ceracoated or camo finished. Marine finish is also available.


GAUGE:12/76 (3")
BARREL:From 25cm upto 51cm(From 10" upto 20")
SYSTEM:Manuel Pump, Magazine Fed, Spring Assisted
MAG. CAP:2 Rds, 5 Rds, 10 Rds
CHOKE:M. Choke, Fixed or Flash Hider
RECEIVER:Aluminum Alloy
RIB/SIGHT:Optional Sights
STOCK:Optional Stock Types
WEIGHT:2.800 -3.100 gr.(Depends on Accessories)
Optional Extras#Different Stocks#Different Sight Sets#Camo Finish#Marine Finish
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