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Single Shoulder Harness
  • Single Shoulder Harness

    Compatible With All Cytac® R-Defender Holsters


    Cytac® Single Shoulder Harness is compatible with all R-Defender series holsters, double magazine pouch and other tactical equipments with tooth gear.

    Brand: CYTAC
    Item NO.: CY-SHS
    Product Name: Single Shoulder Harness
    Material: Military Grade Polymer and Strong Nylon
    Available Range: Compatible with all Cytac® R-Defender Holsters, Double Magazine Pouch and other tactical equipments with tooth gear

    · One Size Fits All
    Fully adjustable strap enables the harness to be custom fitted for wearer’s size.

    · Lightweight Comfort
    Put little extra weight on shooters for all day comfortable carry.
    · Concealability
    Firearm can be perfectly concealed.

    · High Compatibility
    Compatible with R-Defender holsters, double magazine pouches. 360 degrees rotation offers multi-draw positions.

    Color: Black

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